Glera Veneto IGT

Glera frizzante igt veneto

Wine with an intense scent of flowers obtained from pure Glera grapes, a white grape variety with large and long clusters, golden yellow berries, cultivated in Veneto since the Romans, a solemn tribute to the Flower of Life.


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Glera frizzante igt veneto



CLASSIFICATION: Semi Sparkling Wine.


VINE: 100% Glera.

ORIGIN: Most of the grapes come from the hillside arch of Treviso from limestone-siliceous soils rich in skeleton. The grapes are formed and ripen thanks to a unique microclimate, favored by the proximity of the mountain, which protects the entire foothills from the cold northern winds; during the summer period, on the other hand, it favors a strong temperature range between day and night, a fundamental condition for preserving aromatic expression and maintaining what will be the wine’s freshness.

HARVEST: Between the second and third decade of September, exclusively by hand, laying the clusters in boxes.

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing by separating the terminal fractions so as to obtain 65/70% of the initial weight / Static cold settling / Inoculation of selected yeasts / Maturation of batches on their own yeast after the first fermentation / Careful evaluation of the batches and selection of the most appropriate for refermentation / Re-fermentation performed in an autoclave to obtain the froth.

PACKAGING: Verification of olfactory and taste balance, preservation from oxidation, verification of low sulfite content, maximum attention to processing temperatures.

INDICATIVE ANALYTICAL DATA: Alcohol: 10.5% vol. – Fermentable sugars: 15 g/L – Total acidity: above 5 g/L.



VISUAL: Faint straw yellow with greenish highlights.

OLFACTIVE: A start characterized by almost imperceptible sensations of baked bread that, as the wine acclimates to the glass, give way to the fruitiness of white plum, gooseberry, apple and peach; in its subsequent evolution, what will be the descriptors that will be maintained in the tasting become evident: a bouquet of white flowers, including elderberry and acacia. These nuances will tie in with a minerality reminiscent of flint and saltiness.

AT THE PALATE: A wine of great delicacy that comes with its own personality, harmonious, with a freshness that is balanced to the residual sugars making it ideal for multiple pairings.


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